Who am i?

Hi there, my name is Lenna! I'm a dutch girl with a passion for food, student nutrition & dietetics and the owner of Lenna Omrani. Thanks for stopping by!

I started my blog in March 2019 as a creative outlet for me to show and share my passion for food, but most important: to spread love for food and motivate others with an unhealthy relationship with food. Currently, I’m still in recovery for my eating disorder, but I’m making progress and I feel stronger and happier than ever. It wasn’t an easy decision to make, because I was always afraid of negative opinions and reactions. Eventually, I needed to follow my heart to ‘start over’ and to be a role-model for lots of people who are struggling with the same problem. 

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I lived with my mother, father, younger brother and sister. With a Dutch mom and a Tunisian dad, I’ve seen two different cultures. Yes, very special and instructive, but not always that easy. Sometimes, it ended up in hard situations, disagreements and grief. 

Next to that, I also had difficult times in high school. Harassment and a low self-confidence were a bad combination.

When you don’t feel safe at home, school or with your friends, you try to find something to take control. Unfortunately, I found control in my eating disorder. I’m still fighting everyday, challenging myself and trying to accept my imperfections. After all, it made me who I am today and I’m really proud of that! AND YOU SHOULD TOO!


"I finally followed my heart and my pasion. Now I'm enjoying life, I'm ambitious and starting to love myself again."

After graduating from high school, I went to Law school. I soon realized it was not what I really wanted, so I dropped out of school and started to work. Last September, I began with a new degree program in the Hague: nutrition and dietetics. I finally followed my heart and passion. I finally felt the energy again, loved to do things with friends and family and, maybe the most important thing, started to love myself again. But let me tell you, it took time. It took energy, patience and support of family and friends. And it took forcing myself to get out of my own head and be present with others. It took bringing my darkness into the light, but it was ALL worth it. 


These days, my goal is to inspire others with my story and recipes. I also want to support them to create a healthy relationship with food (again). I always wanted to create my own dishes and share them with the world. I love creating simple, balanced and nutritious meals that are delicious and easy to make.


xx Lenna


Photos taken by me

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