About me

Hi there! My name is Lenna, and I’m a Dutch vegan foodie and Nutrition & Dietetics student. Thanks for stopping by! I hope I inspire you in one way or another to eat more wholesome plant-based foods, to nourish your body and your soul!

How I started

I started my blog in March 2019 as a creative outlet for me to show and share my passion for food, but most important: inspire  and motivate others to create a healthier and happier lifestyle. Regardless of where I am, my focus is simple: living a happy and wholesome life fueled by plant-based foods and sustainable products. On this blog and on my social media accounts, I’ll learn you everything about plant-based foods, creating  a healthier lifestyle and how to find true happiness.   

I was born and raised in the Netherlands. I lived with my mother, father, younger brother and sister. With a Dutch mom and a Tunisian dad, I’ve seen two different cultures. Now, I can say that’s one of the best gifts I could dream of, because it made me who I am now. 

A couple of years, I struggled with my diet. I had always felt restricted and never felt that I was thriving or satisfied with myself.  I was always afraid of eating too much or too less, I had an unhealthy relationship with food and was constantly thinking about food. I felt insecure, tired and my body didn’t get enough nutrients. 

When I realized my way of eating and living wasn’t healthy at all, I changed everything. I changed my mindset, my attitude and I adopted a plant-based ‘diet’.

Why plant-based?

But why adopting a new diet after all these years? Let me tell you that! I realized that eating plthis is not a diet, it is a lifestyle. A lifestyle with fresh, wholesome and real foods that are good for the body and the soul. No, adopting this diet didn’t happen overnight. I was looking for what I really wanted in life and what made ME happy. Helping the people around me, doing something good for the world we live in and giving the animals a better life were my goals. I did a lot of research, and learned from what today’s science say. But most important: I listened to my body.

When I started to eat plant-based my health started to change, I had way more energy, my skin started glowing, my IBS wasn’t controlling my life anymore and my relationship with food and my body changed so much. I realize I have to fuel my body not just with good foods, but with foods that are also good for my mind. I cannot say this enough but I never ever knew I could feel this good!

My Philosophy

I believe that health and happiness comes from within and that food and exercising is the medicine. Everybody is different, but I think it is super important to discover what you need and listen to all the signals your body is giving you. When your diet is based on fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds, and you take these products most of the time, it is absolutely okay to enjoy foods that has less nutrients. 

I absolutely promote a balanced diet with carbohydrates, proteins and fats. I don’t believe you need to skip one of those, because your body will crave for it when you restrict and don’t allow yourself to eat it. 

Let’s cook and create a happy and healthy mind and body!

x Lenna 

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