Spread the love for food!

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Yes, my first e-book is here! Grab your hands on 30 delicious, easy and vegetarian recipes and let’s SPREAD the love for food together!


E-book | Spread the love for food! (EN)


This e-book contains 10 recipes for delicious spreads, and 20 recipes for easy, delicious and balanced meals. The spreads will be combined or used to make those recipes! All recipes are vegetarian, and the most are vegan! When buying this e-book, you will get a FREE shopping list and weekly meal planner!

With those recipes you can join me on a healthy lifestyle with balanced food. By eating balanced, you will nourishing your body well and giving that what it needs. Besides that, eating vegetarian or vegan will contribute to a better environment and animal welfare.

This book is available in English and Dutch. For dutch, click here. Looking for more recipes? Checkout my Instagram page.


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