Looking for an amazing place to eat lots of vegan, delicious and healthy food? I thought ‘Buddhabowl’ was a very catchy name and because I’m a huge fan of buddhabowls I really had to go to this restaurant!

Two weeks ago, I went to BuddhaBowl in the Hague with my lovely friend Sanne (@mylilylife). BuddhaBowl is a lunch and dinner restaurant. They serve different buddhabowls (duh!), soups, curries and other Asian specialties. And, best of all: they have lots of VEGAN options! 

I always think service is very important. It gives me a better feeling when the people are nice and helpful who made your food. Well, the service and staff was amazing! We actually just wanted to order a main dish, but they recommended us their homemade spring rolls… We we’re very happy we did! Look at these…


We really enjoyed this starter. After that, we ordered a main dish. We choose the vegan shrimp buddha bowl. What? VEGAN SHRIMPS? Yes! I never had it before so I was curious… I was amazed by the looks!!  It looked like shrimps. The taste of the buddha bowl was amazing, lots of different flavors, spices and the portion was perfect (but that wasn’t hard after our big starter). I liked the taste of the combination, but the shrimps tasted a little like rubber. Overall, it was worth to try.

IMG_0251 2

I really recommend this place! I love the welcoming atmosphere, interior, and the cute little kitchen in the back. But the helpful staff and the delicious food are definitely the first reasons to come back. I’m in the Hague every week, but never went to this place before. Now I’m sure I will! 

Thanks guys for having us!


Prins Hendrikplein 22,

2518JC The Hague

Instagram: @buddhabowldenhaag

Looking for a nice place to eat in The Hague? Give it a try! Or do you know other places where I really have to go to? Let me know in the comments!



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