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Feeling a little stressed? Anxious? Aren’t you able to stop thinking about things you ‘REALLY have to do’? I share my 7 ways to de-stress and chill. You can incorporate these  in your daily routine and  I’ll promise you, they provide almost instant relief!

Summer is just over, school is started just a couple of weeks ago, but I already felt stress. I felt anxious and overwhelmed so I needed to take rest. I believe, when you have stress, your body is warming you. ”You have to take a step back! (or maybe more)”. Although I have knee problems for a couple of years now, it’s always getting worse when I’m stressed. So, I have to come back to the present and take time to slow down. Here are my 7 ways to do it!


1. Turn on your favorite music 

I could listen to my favorite music all day. Sometimes, when I feel a little insecure, I listen to faster beats and feel-good music. When I’m stressed I really need slow, chill songs. Music can have a profound effect on our bodies and emotions, especially slow, quiet, classic music. A slower tempo can quiet your mind and relax your muscles, making you feel soothed while releasing the stress of the day.


2. Workout

Allright, how do you feel after a workout? Sure, you might feel tired and physically exhausted, but really satisfied right? Any form of exercise can be a stress reliever, but when you do too much of it, it can cause the reverse effects. So, take time to rest afterwords and stretch your muscles.


3. Go for a walk

Going outside, getting some fresh air and just walking are good ways to clear your head and relax. Walking not only helps you clear your head but reduces stress-hormones and helps with that feeling of anxiety. So, put your shoes on and and go outside! (Without your phone of course!) 


4. Netflix (& chill)

There’s nothing better then cozying up on the couch with a hot cup of tea after a long day of work, right? Allright, with your favorite Netflix movies or series. What’s the best to watch when you’re a little stressed? Comedy or just feel-good movies. I really love action movies or thrillers (prison break is my all-time favorite!!) but I’m totally getting all up in it. So choose something funny and easy to watch. 


5. Put away your phone

This is maybe my #1 tip. You’ll probably know that excessive use of your phone can damage your psychological health. Try as we might, most of us can’t put down our phones. There’s a constant barrage of messages, emails, Instagram posts you have to see 🙂 or other notifications. I admit it, I’m that person too, but I feel when it’s getting too much. Plan moments when you just put your phone away. 


6. Spend time with your loved ones

Family and friends are very important and spending time with your loved ones is a great way to de-stress. If you have the right friends, so REAL ones, they make you feel happy and relaxed. I always look forward spend time with my best friends or my boyfriend! 


7. Cook your favorite dish!

You could expect this one. As a real foodie I love spending time in the kitchen and making myself a delicious meal. I take time to create a lovely dish, but when you don’t want to do that, choose something easy, but what you really like. Eat slowly and enjoy your meal to the fullest. 

What’s your way to de-stress? Share some of your favorite ways to relax in the comments below or let me know on Instagram!




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Hi there! My name is Lenna. I’m a dutch Nutrition & Dietetics student, recipe developer and a lover of real, simple and balanced food.

Currently, I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and I have this blog to show the world there’s always a way out. My goal is to inspire others with my story and recipes and to give support to create a healthy relationship with food. Thanks for stopping by, I hope inspire you in one way or another! LET’S SPREAD THE LOVE FOR FOOD!

xx Lenna

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