Hi guys, today I’m gonna share with you something about GROCERY SHOPPING! Not just a shopping list, I’m giving you a list of products I eat every week. I do most weekly shopping at the supermarkets in town, but on Saturday it’s farmer market time! I buy lots of products in bulk, mostly veggies and fruits.¬†

Okay, let’s do it! What do I buy every single week? Initially, it was hard to narrow down, but once I really thought about it I realized these products are in constant rotation in my house. I can use them in different ways and try to create new recipes with them. Take a look!

1. Avocado

I think this is the first product I’m always checking on if I still have enough of it. Pretty much everyone is obsessed with avocados and I’m definitely not different ūüôā When I really struggled with my eating disorder, I always avoided avocados because of the amount of calories. Now, it’s hard to think about the last day I didn’t eat it! I love it on top of toast, in my salads, in my smoothies or I make a creamy sauce with it. It’s my green best friend!¬†

2. Nuts 

This is a category that I rotate through, and it’s ¬†something I always have on hand. I eat some form of nuts every day, whether it’s on my smoothie bowls, in my oatmeal, as a snack, in dressing, in my salads, etc. Nuts contain lots of healthy fats and make you feel full for so long. My favorite nuts are pecans and almonds, and I eat them like almost every day. You know what they say: ‘a¬†handful of nuts a¬†day, keeps the doctor away!’

3. Oats

Oatmeal, my all time favorite breakfast! I always buy big packages of oats for a couple of weeks. I don’t eat it everyday, but definitely every week. I make my old-fashioned porridge with it, but also a lot for my banana bread and pancakes lately! I just blend it in the processor to make it more like flour, perfect as a base for your bakings! And… oats are so cheap! A package of 500 grams is just 50 (euro)cents in Holland.¬†

 4. Bananas

My favorite fruit! For a little (natural) sweetness, bananas are my go to. I usually use them on top of my oatmeal, as the main ingredient for my banana bread or pancakes, but I also love them as a quick snack before a workout. My favorite combo is with peanut butter, especially on toast. You can wake me for that! So simple and so delicious! 

5. Plantbased yogurt/milk

So far we’ve covered fruits, carbs, and healthy fats, time for vegan¬†protein now! I always use plantbased yogurts and milk, even if I’m not completely vegan. Sometimes I’ll pick up almond milk , other times it will be oat- or soy milk. I like to rotate ¬†so that I can keep things interesting and not focus too heavily on one specific ingredient.

6. Sweet potato

My love for sweet potatoes runs deep. They’re probably one of my all-time favorite foods and one I absolutely eat weekly. Yes, even in the summer. Sweet potatoes are incredibly good for you, they’re versatile and so delicious. I usually roast them in the oven and make fries, but I also add them in soups, curries, hummus and I even had it for breakfast yesterday! A must-try!¬†

7. Carrots

Yes, I’m definitely a carrot girl!! I love the sweet taste and bite. Mostly I eat them as a snack with hummus but I also love to roast little slices in the oven, or in soups and curries. I buy at least 1 kilogram every week and I never have to through something away. Definitely one of my favorite veggies!

What’s on your Grocery List every week?

Let me know what you think in the comments! I’d love to hear what your top items are each week. Do you have your own ¬†grocery list? If so, share it below!



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Hi there! My name is Lenna. I’m a dutch Nutrition & Dietetics student, recipe developer and a lover of real, simple and balanced food.

Currently, I’m in recovery from an eating disorder and I have this blog to show the world there’s always a way out. My goal is to inspire others with my story and recipes and to give support to create a healthy relationship with food. Thanks for stopping by, I hope inspire you in one way or another! LET’S SPREAD THE LOVE FOR FOOD!

xx Lenna

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