‘Lekkervega’ live show! Vegan risotto met gebakken peer

Hi guys! You might have seen it already, but my first LIVE COOKING VIDEO is live! A couple of weeks ago, I made this vegan risotto with Mark Schadenberg for Lekker Vega. We created this amazing recipe for the Christmas edition. A big winner! Christmas is over, but this is definitely worth to try this winter. 


2019 was an amazing year, maybe the best year for me. I started my blog, Instagram and told my story. A big relieve, not easy at all, but it gave me my confidence back, self love and I finally can say I’m really HAPPY again. This was definitely one of the nicest things I’ve done this year and it really felt like a reward to a year of hard work. 


Checkout the video on YouTube! And… THE BEST WISHES FOR 2020! 

xx Len 



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